‘Thresholds’ marks the unmarked at Kent cemetery

John Henry Shaw was killed at age 52 by shards of timber following a blast of dynamite in 1912. Laura Stagg had outlived two of her three children when, at 83, she died in her Seattle home in 1910. Nellie Parmenter burned to death at 31 after a cookstove set her dress alight in 1890.

The stories are as varied as the condition of the tombstones marking about half of the nearly 200 graves at Saar Pioneer Cemetery.

For these three, and 86 others, no tombstones mark their final resting place, and even the exact location of their graves is unknown. Historical documents show these people were buried at Saar, and ground-penetrating radar has shown a comparable number of “rectangular anomalies” on site. But who is buried where remains a mystery.

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