Associated Students corrects pay miscalculations for 44 positions

Western Washington University’s Associated Students is increasing the salaries of 44 positions that had been paid based on under-calculated amounts for three years, amounting to an annual discrepancy of $11,178.71.

The 44 students who hold those positions this year signed agreements for under-calculated salaries in the spring, but will receive their first paycheck Sept. 25 based on the recalculated salaries, AS Personnel Director Nidia Hernandez said. The acceptance letters signed by the people who previously held the 44 positions were for terms that have since ended. These people will not be reimbursed to have made the recalculated salaries, said Kevin Makjut, director of student activities.

All three-quarter Associated Students employee positions were paid a miscalculated amount for the past three years because some salary placements and rates had been based upon flawed information regarding required work schedules, according to an information item from the Aug. 5 AS Board meeting. In the unrevised salary system, four-quarter employees were mostly getting paid correctly, but “essentially all three-quarter employees [were] being underpaid,” according to the item.

In addition to the 44 positions corrected for this year, 26 four-quarter employee salaries were under-calculated by less than $7 and will be adjusted for next year’s employees, and three positions were paid too much: one by $502.22 and two by $3.59.

No employees were paid less than they were legally entitled to: employees were paid exactly the amounts they signed for, and no one’s salary was ever less than minimum wage. The miscalculations varied from a few dollars to $638.55, according to revised calculations made by Assistant Director of Student Activities Lisa Rosenberg.

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