Zombies to infest Magnuson Park in 5K

Zombie theory often implicates radiation as the cause of the zombie virus.

It is merely a coincidence, however, that Seattle’s Zombie Run is at Magnuson Park, which received media attention this spring for traces of radiation.

As the run’s website puts it, the premise of the 5K — which starts at 11 a.m. Saturday — is “Zombies run after humans. Humans run from zombies. Everybody goes to the after-party.”

More specifically, humans run with three balloons around their waists, which zombies try to pop.

Created in Philadelphia last summer by college juniors and childhood friends Andrew Hudis and Dave Feinman, the run has since spread to 16 cities. Saturday is the first Seattle run.

When Hudis ran the race in Philadelphia, zombies popped all three of his balloons within the first 2 kilometers.

“Of course I was so smug about it, I was like, ‘I know where all the zombies are going to be hiding,’ and I totally underestimated my own challenge,” Hudis said.

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