Beer Week: Bellingham brewers hop to it

Bellingham’s first beer week will kick off at the Copper Hog Friday, Sept. 21 with a pig roast and fresh hop beers, according to posters for the event.

Bellingham Beer Week includes activities from the Copper Hog, Boundary Bay Brewery, Chuckanut Brewery, Kulshan Brewery, Elizabeth Station, Cheese Meats Bear and about two dozen other participating restaurants, bars and pubs in Bellingham and neighboring cities.

Aaron Matson, owner of the Copper Hog, said he had the vision for Bellingham Beer Week when he drank too much at Seattle Beer Week a few years ago.

Matson noticed there were lots of fun events going on, he said, but they were far apart; one night of Seattle’s beer week he went back and forth between Ballard, Fremont and Capitol Hill. It struck him that Bellingham would be the perfect city to host a beer week.

“What a better spot to do something like that — not that I’m promoting over-intoxication — but it’s so much easier,” Matson said, “all the bars are so much closer here you can walk everywhere, so it’s a lot safer.”

Matson enjoyed Seattle Beer Week largely because of the rare beers and opportunities to meet the brewers, he said.

“It’s a super beer nerd thing,” he said. “You get to meet the brewers and talk to them about their process, and the events are really fun.”

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