Frontline: Remember, this land was made for you and me

Who gets to choose where they are born or where their parents make them move as a child, leaving all their friends behind?

As far as this editorial board is concerned, because people do not make these decisions — no one chooses to be born into poverty— we do not have the right to tell others where they can and cannot try to make a life for themselves.

We are all immigrants a few generations back, and we did not get permission from the Native Americans to inhabit their country.

So who are we to go around deporting undocumented people to countries they don’t even know, where languages they’ve never learned may be the only words spoken?

It is not our place, and we are glad to hear President Obama’s declaration in favorof the DREAM Act.

The act, introduced to congress for the first time in 2001, never passed, and reintroduced in 2009, would prevent undocumented people between the ages of 12 and 30 who came to the U.S. before age 16 from being deported and allow them to apply for permanent residency.

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