Chatting with the “Political Junkie”

Western alumnus Riley Sweeney’s blog “The Political Junkie” took off when Sweeney posted photos from the April 2011 Tea Party rally. He got busted by the chair of the Republicans for making “Bachmann Cthulhu” signs – a reference to the ancient monster whose appearance incurred death and mass destruction.

Not everyone caught the reference.

“One guy asked me if Cthulhu was Hispanic,” Sweeney said. “I was like, ‘not really.’”

On his blog, Sweeney wrote that he didn’t want people to know he was mocking Bachmann, so he told people Cthulhu was a congressman from New Jersey.

“I feel a little bad about the deception, but I didn’t want my cover blown,” Sweeney wrote.

By creating The Political Junkie, Sweeney said he filled a void he saw in public political information. He said Cascadia Weekly publishes one local news column once each week and the Bellingham Herald lacks the time to regularly report on local political news.

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